5D2, 5D3, and 6D: Exposure Meter while Changing ISO

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Re: 5DMKIII has live exposure meter while Changing ISO

schmegg wrote:

dave_bass5 wrote:

Forgive me if ive got the wrong end of the stick but if you set the SET button (in the middle of the rear dial) on the 5DMKIII to show ISO, then pressing and holding this, along with turning the top dial to adjust ISO shows the meter and needle changing in real time in the VF.

So in manual mode you have your shutter and f stop set, then you can adjust the ISO on the fly and it does show how much under or over the exposure is going, based on the metering of course.

This also works in the other modes as well. The only thing you cant do with this set up is go back to Auto ISO, you have to just use the dial in the normal way.

Cant say if this works on the 5DMKII or 6D though bu tits a very useful feature on the MKIII.

You are indeed correct!

Thanks for correcting this Dave - good job!

I do believe this applies to the 6D too - not sure about the 5D2 though.

I shall PM the OP and let him know I misled him. Thanks again.

No problem. I guess it one of those custom settings that can be overlooked until its pointed out how useful it is. Shame you cant get back to Auto ISO using it though.

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