HS50 EXR: No Intelligent Sharpness Feature

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Re: HS50 EXR: Manual (and why reading the manual is a good thing)

NOEL 100 wrote:

I notice the manual is missing the function matrix on the back pages as well.

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Noel 100

Yup. Noticed it as well. Maybe the one on the web is an early version of the manual and it would be added later ?

While browsing through the manual for HS50 I did find a couple of interesting things that are already there in the HS30 (I guess I should have read the '30 manual a little more keenly).

1. The baby timer mode

2. The on-camera flash acting as a commander for an external optical slave (in this case a Yangnuo 560 that I picked from ebay for 37 bucks). I have feeling this feature is there in the HS20 as well. I can't stress on how much a positive difference an external flash makes to indoor shots on the HS series. I am sure others will agree with that.

Makes for an excellent combination to photograph kids indoors and face detect works brilliantly. One press of the shutter and it keeps shooting automatically until the battery runs out or the flash overheats (I did not try this part

Result ? Jpegs straight from the camera re-sized to 1024 x 768. 

I am sure RAW and a little PP would further improve these. If the HS50 has the AF capabilities as claimed, shots like these can only get better

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