NEX-6 odd behaviors (18-55 and Sigma lenses)

Started Jan 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP thetodd34 Regular Member • Posts: 104
Re: NEX-6 zoom-reset bug [Used to be: NEX-6 odd behaviors (18-55 and Sigma lenses)]

thanks for replying -- while i'm sorry that all three of us are experiencing the "darkened then lightened" phenomenon, it gives me hope that this will be recognized as a consistent problem by sony, and a fix hopefully will be generated.

one other thing i've noticed, when the viewfinder goes dark and the camera is unable to take pictures for a cople seconds, is that the shutter and aperture settings on the bottom go to "---" while the screen is dark.

again, seems like some sort of electrical error related to the e-mount format.

i've noticed this with my sel 18-55 with ver 01 as well as ver 02.

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