Need help with gear reduction.

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Re: Need help with gear reduction.

Have you tried looking your favourite pictures you've taken recently with each camera/ lens combo? See if there are any cameras / lenses that you have not taken any photos you *really like*, in the last 6 months. Get rid of those cameras/ lenses.

If you've used all of them, look at your top 20% of pictures and see if there's a minimum combination of cameras/ lenses that *could* have taken all of them. Get rid of the rest.

That's my advice, anyway. Personally I'd ditch the fisheye and the superzoom, leaving a DSLR covering 15-200 and a compact camera when that was too big.

(edited for clarity - what I'm getting at is that you probably use all of your equipment, at the very least to make sure you're getting value from it, but do you really feel like it's all getting you good pictures?)

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