Nothing yet at CP+

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Re: Nothing yet at CP+

Ah, I forgot about that 360° camera. That's such a specialized product, make it 1.5% Ricoh to Pentax 98.5%.

I'm not sure if the seminars for the GRD and GXR can be read as indications of the future as they're working with camera models from 2011 or even earlier.

For actually guessing the future of the GRD we're all still relying on third-party hearsay like reporting the GRD V (supposedly with the APSC sensor) will be released in the second half of this year. Which is basically the existiing GRD 2-year life-cycle so there's nothing new or official about any such rumours.

Just some sort of official announcement that there will be a/some new camera module/s or updated body for the GXR this year would be enough. They don't need to go into specifics. And not just google-translations of interviews where the response is *laughs* instead of a direct answer.

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