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Tripods and flashguns

I appreciate that the small size of m43 is the whole point of the system. That's fine as far as the cameras and lenses are concerned. However, much as a small camera will need the same amount of light so there's no getting away from full sized flashguns, it's also desirable to have a tripod that gets your camera up to eye-level. That's always going to mean either:

A) Small legs with a fully extended centre column. Even with a small camera, this will be inherently less stable as the camera will be raised high above the centre of gravity.


B) Moderate to large sized legs with modest centre column extension or, better still, no centre column.

I have the Feisol ct3442, which is a four section CF tripod whose legs fold over its apex platform, hiding the ballhead. Without a centre column, it's still very light. At just over a kilo, it's not much heavier than the smaller traveller-style tripods. However, it gets my GX1 and 45-200mm comfortably to eye level. I save a little weight by using a small ballhead (Photoclam pc30), and this handles my heaviest lens/ body combination quite well. That said, I would consider getting a bigger ballhead (40mm) at some point in the future if it proved to be noticeably smoother to operate.

I can see the advantage of a tiny tripod small enough to fit inside a camera bag, and that some might see my set up as overkill, but I really don't see it that way.

My Metz AF48 also looks a little ungainly on top of my tiny GX1, but there's no getting around that either.

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