Teleconverters just don't work very well with zooms...

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Re: Teleconverters just don't work very well with zooms...

I would extend it to: "and with primes too...", if one expects high IQ.

I ran all sorts of tests, including loads of real life shots. Conclusion is easy: my stellar 200/2 doesn't like even a TC 14. Same for the 300.

Sure, up close they can be acceptable, or nice (sharp indeed), but always a far cry from the naked lens. And shot at a distance... all sorts of aberrations pop up. You can sharpen and increase contrast, but microdetail is lost forever, while CA and LoCa rear their ugly heads...

The 70-200vr 2 is, in my experience, even worse in this respect.

Me, I prefer to crop, and retain the speed advantage as much as I can. Of course, to each his preferences.


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