Are in-lens leaf shutters the answer?

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Re: Are in-lens leaf shutters the answer?

Paul Amyes wrote:

The problem with leaf shutters is that they add costs to the lens and people are already saying m4/3 lenses are too expensive.

They do provide fast sync possibilities but the down side is that the top speeds are much slower than what a curtain shutter is capable off and the high speed sync function on many modern cameras and flashes have in a way made them redundant. Certainly as far as shutter shock and quietness they are much superior to a curtain shutter.

As to possible future shutter designs I think that the whole idea of a mechanical shutter in front of a sensor is really an old fashioned solution. An electronic shutter as part of the sensor would offer many advantages.

While I don't dispute this, I can't understand why people think m4/3 lenses are too expensive. As it stands, I'm considering the move to m4/3 and the much lower costs of the higher quality lenses is a major factor. But yes, adding a leaf shutter to lenses would make them more expensive, not to mention more prone to mechanical failures.

Also, as we see with the Lumix GH3, having an electronic shutter doesn't always equal high sync speeds, as it has an abysmal 1/160th sync.

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