Why What Works (Luminous Landscape), a comment

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Photography one foray into life


I'm not usually around this time of day or hanging around the forum.  However, I managed to catchup with my old friend, Tedolph and chanced upon your post.

I'm not sure whether LL is about rules or insights at all.  It seems more about putting order or just a name to what people might do when they take a photograph.

My roots in philosophy are a bit old.  Traditional philosophy endeavour sought truth.  Barthes, Derrida, etc, not too subtley made new rules, new methods, because we couldnt agree truth.

My philosophy just gave up finding the truth, gave up on finding the rules.   The rules would mean that living would be following, reinforcing what the right people were doing, and then all would be good.  Living would not be thinking, not exploring, not discovering.  So I wanted to live and think, explore and discover.

I gave up philosphy long ago.

So strangely, to philosophy photography.

Heidegger says  in a short hand manner of speaking that we are 'thrown into a world where we discover that there are people and things beyond our understanding and control, and to survive and thrive we have to reach out and deal with respect all those other things and beings out there."  So we just have to do it without any truth, rules or individual to trust and follow.  As a result, many of us go down many different paths, but as we try things out we find "anything goes" is a strategy to test the waters to see what works (Feyerabend).  This way we find our way, who we are and what the world is.

When we take a photo, we are following a path to reach out to the world, to find out who we are and who they are out there.  How we do this creates who we are and helps to create the world around us.  This is what I think I'm doing when I take a photo.

Contrast - seems to be the attributes of what we see and  what we can produce in photography

Gesture - seems to be the mark and exporing act we are making in reaching out to what's out there.

Implication - seems to be the intent or reflected understanding of what we have done in taking a photograph.

So LL, is being a bit phenomenological - drawing from the phenomenon to the actions and understanding.

I hope this is vaguely understandable.



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