Metabones Speed Booster - Vignetting with Tele-Lenses

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Re: Brian: 17mm TSE with SB and PF??

Annex wrote:

I like the direction this thread has gone, very engaging stuff.

Out of interest Brian, given the small space contraints does this mean non-slr type, short registration mounts will be precluded from SB treatment?

I'm guessing it would be even more of a challenge with these lenses, mechanically and optically, which is a shame as they're ideal (size, quality, coverage) for many mirrorless systems.

Would be incredible to see what results you could get with M/Contax G mount but I expect I'm dreaming :).

Even with SLR lenses the Speed Booster optics are very cramped.  Unfortunately, a compact general-purpose reducer suitable for Leica M and Contax G lenses would inevitably have too much aberration to be worthwhile.  A relay-type reducer could work, but it would be so large that it would defeat the purpose

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