AF speed and accuracy PL5?

Started Jan 28, 2013 | Questions thread
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I've used the E-PL5 for 45 days amd OMD for 6 months.

In short, I believe the PL5 is everybit as accurate and fast as the OMD. Actually for me, it is a bit more accurate because I use the PL5's much smaller focus point and thus, can hit much more precise point of focus. So I can focus on an eye precisely for example while the OMD has a larger area and sometimes hit the ear instead. So PL5 is blazing fast, precise and accurate.

I also owned the Sony NEX5n before the above and I had that $1K zeiss lens. Much worse focusing.

The main reason I switched from NEX to OMD is the handling of the body. But was amply rewarded with much better lens selection, focusing speed, and stabilization. That said, the PL5 is so excellent when I configure it with its own strengths that if the OMD and PL5 both cost the same $, I would be hard pressed to pick one over the others.  So for my $, I would easily pick the PL5 simply due to its lower cost and smaller size. The main drawback of the Pl5 for me compared to the OMD is that the stabilization is noticeably worse on the PL5.  That's significant so I have to overcome that with more careful technique or higher iso.


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