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aus4ever wrote:

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aus4ever wrote:

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gun murders/suicide and injuries would decrease.

if the gun is not there, it is not going to be used.

I apologize to my fellow Americans for recognizing the facts.

To the non-US members, this is NOT my endorsement of a gun ban.

Good on you. Do you support better regulation of guns?

"regulation" is such a nebulous term don't you think?

It is the one word in the Second Amendment that leaves the whole thing open to debate.

If by regulation you mean every twelve-year-old in the country should be trained in the proper care and use of firearms? Yeah. I also think every kindergartner should start judo lessons.(we are getting to be a nation of delicate little pansies.)

If you mean that nobody should own a rifle that takes a multi-round magazine? No.

Rifles and Shotguns are such a miniscule percentage of the killing weapons that even their confiscation would not appreciably change the death toll.

I think; if one wants to own a firearm, one should be willing to submit to an annual certification process to include marksmanship and a review of the weapon's condition and storage situation.

This does not mean I think people should own Automatic Weapons or crew served weapons.

The Second Amendment is about personal small arms only.

"Well Regulated" means you can show up and use the ammo the government hands out.

Today that means 5.56 mm or 7.62 Nato and 9mm parabellum.

That's what we use.

By better regulation, I mean

1. All guns should be registered under the user's name and the gun owners held accountable for their use and safe custody. Should they lose it or transfer it to someone else, it must be reported. All gun owners should have gone through thorough background check.

2. There should be a minimum age that people are allowed access to guns. If driving a car can only start at 16, why should a kid of 12 be allowed to handle a gun which is considered more dangerous?

What makes a gun more dangerous than a car? Death and injury stats rather favor guns on that point.

3. For self defense, go for the least common denominator. It makes sense for some places that policeman on the streets are armed with handguns that are designed to incapacitate, not to kill. In a way, the innocent passerby is protected. If you want more lethal firepower, you need justifications. If you want it for target shooting, leave it at the shooting range.

Some of our police carry "less than lethal" weapons. (such as Taser, but even that has a death rate)

4. Hold authorized gun dealers accountable for their sales and their record of sales. All stolen guns must be reported and investigated.

Uh done. and done.

5. Law enforcement agencies should have access to a shared national database of guns, gun owners, authorized dealers, and a record of people who have been rejected.

6. Participation in the UCR and to conform to the guidelines should be compulsory for all law enforcement agencies.

These are by no means the only measures that should be taken. I should also mention better mental health care to make Chato happy.

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