Need advice re long telephoto lenses

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Re: Need advice re long telephoto lenses

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JeffAHayes wrote:

Ron, what was that mount I should get for the Bigma, again? You told me when I bought the Gimbal head, but I forgot. I need to get it so I can use that. When the camera is mounted with that lens on that head, the balance is PERFECT! I can hope only that I can get the Bigma to balance that well, as my prior attempts with the Bigma on a tripod have been somewhat less than spectacular.

Hi Jeff,

I am not sure I remember what you are talking about. However, I use the RainbowImaging 100MM LP-100 Lens Plate Quick Release Arca Swiss with my Bigma on my Wimgerly Gimbal. I suppose the 115MM LP-115 Lens Plate Quick Release Arca Swiss would also work quite well.

To get perfect balance with an IF lens on my gimbal I can adjust forward or back, and up or down. You need to adjust the up/down so that the rotation point is through the horizontal center of the lens. With the Bigma or any lens that changes length with focal length settings or focus settings, I usually try to adjust the point on the gimbal at near where I will probably be using it the most. So, for the Bigma I set the lens to 500mm when I make my adjustments.

I'm sorry if what I have written is not what you asked for.


The only other thing I can think of that I sometimes use with my Bigma as well as my 300 and 400mm lenses is The Acratech GV2 Ballhead is uniquely designed to function both as a ballhead and as a Gimbal head. When in the Gimbal position the lens stays where you point it, no tightening of the ball is necessary.



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