Questions from a Nikon Neophyte: D7000

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Re: Questions from a Nikon Neophyte: D7000

designdog wrote:

So, after this prolog, my questions:

  • what will the D7000 bring to me?

The ability to use longer lenses, wider lens selection, stabilized lenses, much better tracking autofocus, much faster autofocus in general, arguably better movie mode, usable manual focus, way more shots per battery charge, a built in flash....

On top of that  you can add better resolution in the red and blue channels, less colour smearing and less weird fractal patterns with high spatial frequency objects, but I'm pretty sure the real world situation is not as bad as some of the horror stories go. I love Fuji as a company, but I'm not convinced about the trade-off that X-Trans makes between acuity and colour resolution. Yes, the output is crisper, but at the expense of other image parameters. I'm not sure that improved RAW converters will help, because a fundamental design choice of X-Trans is how far apart the red and blue photosites are from other red and blue photosites.... it means that the conversion process has to work harder to fill in the missing colours gaps compared to a Bayer sensor.

  • will the AIS lenses work?


  • wlll they autofocus?

No, but the electronic rangefinder indicator will still be operational.

  • will the camera meter?


  • is this just another way to throw money at something?

Yes. Every camera after the first one is extra money spent, you can't shoot with two cameras at once (most of the time), but if you want to, go for it. The prices are very good right now.

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