I want to try some infrared images . . .

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Re: I want to try some infrared images . . .

Over the years, I converted a Canon G2, just to make sure I liked it, then a Canon G9 which gave me very good results and a Panasonic G1. The advantage of converting a camera over using a R72 or another similar filter is that you can handhold your camera when taking a photo. Please read carefully the comments by igoriginal as he has made some very good suggestions.

If you have a big budget, go ahead and convert the OMD. I always believed the better the camera and lenses you use the better the image. I have found that ever IR photo that you take will require PP.

One of my first taken with my ir converted Canon G2

Photo taken with my ir converted Canon G9

Take with my ir converted G1

Another with my ir Converted G1

I have several other ir photos on my website.

I recommend that you post your question regarding the conversion of your camera on the following website dedicate exclusively to ir.


Good luck with your decision.

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