Central California Missions - GH3/2

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Re: Central California Missions - GH3/2

Sorry Pete I got side tracked earlier. Here's some of my observation and humble opinions.

Although I LOVE Ansel Adams prints I seldom come across digital monochrome that I like. I'd prefer to see all of yours in color. "Artsy" feel is the basis for my choices. #1 Love the isolated texture and color of the roofs and towers. #2 Misson Carmel-3 much the same reason. #3 Outstanding sense of almost endless depth. If in color I might have rated it higher. #4 Painterly to start with it's the contrast of skull (death) against faith of life ever after what appeals to me on this one.

I've dabbled some with "artsy" rendering of some of my images and find various treatments can take "everyday" to a much higher level. Hope you don't mind me using one of your images to show rather than try to tell. My idea is to maybe stir-up some new enhancement ideas in you. On this I used CS6's Quick Selection Tool to separate the statue from the background  I then applied the Oil Paint filter.  I also cleaned some of the streaks from the statue's face using the content aware Spot healing brush. Only ideas, but you're welcome to 'em.

CS6 Oil Paint filter selectively applied to the background and statue base


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