Any tips for speeding up Lightroom4 with D800 NEF's

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Re: Any tips for speeding up Lightroom4 with D800 NEF's

kb2zuz wrote:

My first question would be what kind of video card do you have and have you recently gone to the manfuacturer's website and downloaded the latest version of their drivers. Some processes in Lightroom (i'm not certain if exporting is one of them) will off load some processing to the video card to speed things up. If your video card's drivers are older Lightroom may not be able to take full advantage of it, and may have more problems as a result.

As someone else said, it might be worth trying having the RAWs on a traditional hard disk just to see if you can narrow down where the problem is. Not all SSDs are created equal and it might get tied up with additional processes like wear balancing. If it is faster with the RAW files coming from an HDD, their might be something weird with your SSD.

Also make sure Lightroom shows Lightroom x64 in the title, to make sure it isn't opening in 32-bit mode for some reason.

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In the images, Lightroom is opening as a 64-bit application.  If it were opening in 32-bit compatibility mode, there would be an asterisk beside the name of the application.

I have basically the same problem on an AMD processor (quad core) with 16GB RAM, Windows 8 64-bit.  Converting RAW files takes upwards of 10s each.  I've tried having my source files on a traditional HD as well as a new (SATA-6) SSD drive... neither seem to make much difference.  I also find that if I move 'too quickly' for Lightroom 4, it will start losing track of what I'm doing and not render properly, etc.  I think it's more of a function of the software, rather than the PC, but I could be wrong...

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