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Re: The final irony

Robin Casady wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

I would like to know how the supposed 14.3 stops of dynamic range DXO mark gives the D800E is calculated. That seems nowhere near correct. 7 or 8 stops using RAW seems more accurate.

Bill gives the D800E 11.4 stops at ISO 100.

I love the tactile experience of working with film and darkroom developing as much as I love the outcome.

The unhealty chemicals, the constant war with dust spots, the test strips and wasted paper when a print needs just a small adjustment...

I find I use less paper in the darkroom than with an inkjet printer. Partly because the small tweaks that can be made are difficult to assess on screen (I don't have a perfectly calibrated process in place just yet) so I tend to print multiple (versions) copies and compare them in print.

Digital is so liberating.

Yes, it is very liberating, in a creative outcome based assessment. But sitting in a chair clicking a mouse and pushing keys on a keyboard to affect that outcome sometimes feels debilitating. Also, with the extent of the possibilities, I get a similar feeling when I walk into a Walmart: overwhelmed with the choices.

I prefer standing around (albeit in a mildly toxic environment, kind of like eating delicious fresh tomatoes with a small bit of pesticide residue) having conversations with others while physically moving real fiber based medium through a process. Platinum/palladium direct contact prints can not be replicated in feeling or outcome with a digital file and inkjet printing.

They might invent a pill someday that would be more healthy than trying to eat a balanced diet. But I think I'd still like to sit down and enjoy chewing and tasting my dinner.

What would they do for fiber?

Chew on tree bark, of course!

Thanks for the lighthearted discussion.

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