(SR5) This will make you happy: A57, A65, A77 and A99 firmware update coming soon!

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Re: (SR5) This will make you happy: A57, A65, A77 and A99 firmware update coming soon!

OntarioJohn wrote:

srcalva wrote:

After reading all the replies I am surprised that nobody is hoping for the poss of tethering being added to the A77 considering how many expressed their rage

You used the word RAGE. Really. If the tethering was so important to you how could you possibly NOT.

1. Read the manual on line to see if it was there.

2. Return the a77 immediately.

that it was left out. Sony's ears must still be bleeding over the anger it received over this feature being left out.

They did this on purpose. There is a combination of hardware and software involved. This is a crazy assumption... Bleeding ears. Really.

Could this not be something that could be added through a firmware update?

I'd fall over with amazement and my ears would bleed profusely if this happened. And I'd then have a RAGE over the fact that a few wee lines of code and WHAM

I could plug the camera into a wireless network and operate it from Timbuktu, while fighting the extremists.

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Actually, I don't really care about tethering, never said I did. I am quite happy with my A77 and it does all that I need it to. As for the question about adding it through firmware thanks for informing me that it is more than software since I do not know exactly how these things work, that is why I ask in these forums. It is too bad that you feel the need to be so condescending in your reply. I was not being rude or disrespectful to anyone here and was simply asking if it was something that was only software related or not and I was under the impression that the whole point of a forum was to ask questions so that someone in the community who does know could answer.

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