Film vs D800E

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Re: The final irony

bigpigbig wrote:

I would like to know how the supposed 14.3 stops of dynamic range DXO mark gives the D800E is calculated. That seems nowhere near correct. 7 or 8 stops using RAW seems more accurate.

Bill gives the D800E 11.4 stops at ISO 100.

I love the tactile experience of working with film and darkroom developing as much as I love the outcome.

The unhealty chemicals, the constant war with dust spots, the test strips and wasted paper when a print needs just a small adjustment...

Digital is so liberating.

They might invent a pill someday that would be more healthy than trying to eat a balanced diet. But I think I'd still like to sit down and enjoy chewing and tasting my dinner.

What would they do for fiber?

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