Film vs D800E

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Re: Film wishes vs reality

Rich42 wrote:

It's interesting to read what others "remember" about the performance of film and the fantastic qualities that others, with little to no experience with it, attribute to it.

I remember dust and scratches. It has been more than half a century since I started using film (I was 8). Had a darkroom by age 13 (cobbled together from a discarded enlarger with parts from another). Then a Durst in high school, and Beseler in college and beyond. Dabbled in Cibachrome for awhile...

For color, I always shot transparency film. The DR was very limiting, and my recollection is that it was fairly close to the DR of the D2x.

For B&W, there was a fair amount of DR in the negative, but if you tried to get it all on to the print you ended up with a muddy grey mess. I recall (in college) running into some East Coasters who liked that sort of thing, us Westerners liked contrast.

For me, film is an anachronism gladly forgotten. I do not miss it.

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