Have you converted anyone to the EM-5?

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Re: Is E-M5 a religion?

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I've been responsible for two EM-5 conversions in the last month. Dad has been looking for a new camera for a long time, wanting to step up from the various Canon S's and G's that he's been using for the past several years. I suggested many things including the Sony RX100, but never the EM-5. But when I showed him my EM-5, he was amazed at how fast and responsive it is, and how it made him feel like he was using 'an old film SLR, a real camera'. He bought one shortly thereafter.

Then one of Dad's friends noticed that we were both using the EM-5! He used to own Olympus SLR's years ago, but has moved to Nikon DSLR's since then. He was looking for a good camera for his wife, and he asked me why I chose the EM-5 instead of a camera like a Sony NEX. I talked about the lens choices, the versatility and the speed, and showed mine to him. He loved it, and soon his wife had a New Year's present.

Have you done any EM-5 conversions?

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People convert to a different religion. Is the E-M5 a religion? I thought it was just a camera.

Just a camera? You have got to be kidding. If it was just a camera why would people be treating it as though it was the greatest thing since the last greatest thing.

Also I have heard this versatility thing quite a bit. Apart from marketing speak, what does it actually mean? The camera can make you a neat espresso while taking a few photos? I don't understand how that term relates to a camera that can do no more than most other cameras. Maybe it does a lot of things better, but does that make it more versatile.

I would have thought if you were using that term the G5/GH3 were more versatile since they allow you to capture images in situations that the EM-5 wouldn't thanks their articulating screens.

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