Pushing the limits of the Sony RX100 RAW files

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Docno wrote:

YiannisPP wrote:

normsmith wrote:

>I can assure you that any person with good pp skills can very closely match your RAW conversion using just the jpeg you provided.

Not sure how close the final results would be but I agree that a more meaningful comparison would be between a RAW and a JPG that have BOTH had PP. Having said that my own PP of JPEGs looks more unskilled than my RAW conversion stuff.

There you go, my take starting from the jpeg. Close enough I think, especially since I don't know what Martin did exactly. Mine ended up sharper, but you can blur it if you want:)

Have I disproved the claim that "with the JPEG you are very limited with what you can do with it" yet?

It's not only me, you can find in many blogs people agreeing that the RX100 jpegs are actually pretty good and you cannot gain as much from using RAW as you can from other cameras with bad jpeg engines. Yes you can of course find information there that isn't in the jpeg, nobody's arguing the obvious, but if you ask me, RAW users are "guilty" of overstating its benefits (and the inferiority of the jpeg).

Unfortunately, this image is not the sort of image that will test the advantage of Raw files. What is needed is extreme contrast with 'fast' transitions from near-white to deep shade. The image in the OP is the sort of image I'm talking about. This later image doesn't have 'smooth and contrasty transitions' to the same extent

I agree. The point was to disprove the claim that "with the JPEG you are very limited with what you can do with it". There is quite a lot that can be done for sure with the RX100's jpegs, as you've seen in your purple thread:) Again, for sure RAW wins in the end, but you really need to know your stuff I think to get that extra cloud definition without increasing noise, introducing unwanted hue/saturation shifts etc. And even then I'm not impressed, it's a minor improvement in my eyes. I was impressed once when I saw what a FF Nikon did with a high contrast scene compared to a compact, don't remember which one, think it was a Canon G series.

Again, in my opinion the serious benefits of RAW with the RX100 would come when the WB messes up and in high ISOs.

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