ONA The Bowery load out & review - great bag!

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Re: ONA The Bowery load out & review - great bag!

ryan2007 wrote:

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ryan2007 wrote:

The only thing I disagree with is having the lenses bounce around by each not being protected. I like that each lens have its own compartment. If the bag takes a fall or you do it becomes lens bumper cars.

You have lots invested in the gear I just like maximum protection.

One can invest in a bunch of lens pouches no?

If you want a compartment for each lens, that'll have to be a backpack at least.

Nope, not really. It depends how much you want to augment the bag.

I mentioned the Domke f-6 little bit smaller bag. If you want to go to the expense this is what you can do.

Buy the Domke f-6 bag and get Two of the short two section compartments for that Domke bag.

Buy the Think Tank Retrospective 7 or Retro 10 and remove the inserts and replace them with the Domke they fit perfectly.

The Retrospective 5 is a good bag but not enough room for what you have. It will fit the camera with lens attached and two additional lens with no augmentation needed for MFT's.

Actually the Think Tank Retrospective bag may work if you can leave a lens at home or maybe get a Domke Lens wrap and stack it on top.

I look at the interior dimensions of a bag and will even lay out my gear to get a rough measurement.

If you can and again go to the expense since bags are so hard to figure out buy a few of them and return what does not work. If you do that, take a photo of the new camera bag so you remember how the inserts came originally if you need to return it.

I carry this as a day pack and I've always stacked all of my lenses in my previous bags. What's the harm? They get a bit scuffed but I'm going to use my equipment anyways so eventually they'll be scuffed. That's just inevitable.

Domke F-6 is too deep for me. It sticks out like I'm wearing a fanny pack. Sorry it's just how it fits me.

I've looked at Retrospective 5, 7 & 10. 7 and 10 are just way too big. They are bags for DSLRs and 4-5 lenses. I don't need to haul my notebook with me everywhere I go, why would I need that kind of weight load design? Even Retrospective 5 was designed for DSLRs and it is way too tall. The height measures at 8.5". I'd rather my lenses bunched up together tightly and drop shorter distances than to have them set loosely and drop longer distances. Wouldn't you say the inertia force would be much stronger in the latter example?

Putting lenses in protective pouches makes perfect sense if you don't want them scuffing. It's also extra cushion. I don't have very good pouches for lenses, but these should demonstrate my point.

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