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Taking Pictures in the Rain

On Sunday, I had to talk myself into going out in the rain to take photos.  But I was glad I did, for I had a lot more fun than I thought trying to make the most out of this dark rainy day.  I primarily used ISO1600.

Photo No. 1 - When I first started walking through a park, I found something interesting.  Someone was spraying the lawn.  What you may find interesting about this, is that a lot of Oregonians do not let the rain stop them in doing their job or task.

Photo No. 2 - And a closeup....

Photo No. 3 - Walking along a path, these ducks didn't seem to mind me too much.  I clipped the end of one of these birds, because it was difficult using my mittens, and holding the camera and umbrella at the same time.  It wasn't raining hard, just enough to get the camera and lens wet.

Photo No. 4 - These ducks also enjoyed swimming in the pond.

Photo No. 5 - I was surprised to see a heron here too, first in a tree.

Photo No. 6 - Then I followed the heron around.  For some reason, it stayed near the edge of the pond, looking for something to eat.  You can see the raindrop pattern on the water.

Photo No. 7 - Another one of the heron....

Photo No. 8 - Here's some people walking about.  I clipped the heel, as again it was difficult for me to manage the umbrella and camera with my mittens.  But I took it as a challenge.  I'll try to do better next time.

Photo No. 9 - We see more Oregonians not afraid of the rain.

Photo No. 10 - We even saw a photographer taking pictures of this pretty young lady, using a Canon 60D.  You can see the raindrops on the steel barrier.  By this time we were getting just a few sprinkles.  This image seemed to be better with less rain.

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