Why to pay a fortune for PW system?

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Because there is nothing better, and it is the industry standard

wint wrote:

Those who buy PW and pay a fortune, I understand that justifies only the TTL version tt5 and tt1 because over previous versions without TTL, today chinese has many good solutions at a fraction of the price.

Does anyone disagree with me?

The majority of PW's used in the industry are the PLUS-II models, without TTL.  This is what you will see at almost any fashion, editorial, or advertising shoot.  When it comes to performance and reliability, no other option has proven superior over years of use at any cost.  These are slowly being replaced by the PLUS-III models.  I only know of one photographer that uses a TT-Mini on camera along with his PLUS-IIs.  I don't know a single professional photographer who uses TTL with studio lighting.

For most professional photographers, paying $140 for anything is pretty cheap.  Buying some Chinese brand that may or may not work well and that might not be around in 3 years to save $100 isn't very appealing.

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