Full frame equivalence to APS-C

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Re: Full frame equivalence to APS-C

Tom Axford wrote:

tedandtricia wrote:

I'm also not sure if I'm interpreting Falk Lumo's results right but it appears he's saying low ISO on a crop camera is actually a high ISO on a FF camera? Which means FF cameras have much lower ISOs they can shoot at. In my attached example of a camera with a crop factor of 5, ISO 80 is equivalent to FF at ISO 2000!

That is essentially correct for cameras with the same number of pixels and using the same sensor technology. In those cases a FF camera at ISO 2000 should give a similar level of noise to a crop factor 5 compact camera at ISO 80.

Which explains why large cameras are generally better in low light than small cameras.

Except of course smaller sensors are usually made with better sensor technology, simply because it is too expensive to use good (more modern) sensor technology for large sensors.

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