Pushing the limits of the Sony RX100 RAW files

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Re: Here you go Elliott

Digital Nigel wrote:

Absolutely right. I just don't understand why some people are so against shooting RAW: it makes shooting easier/less error prone, and post-processing is quicker, easier and more flexible as well. Only for people who mainly use ooc JPEGs with no post-processing whatever does shooting JPEG-only make sense.

I shoot RAW+jpeg. I find the RX100 OOC jpegs in good light to be formidable if you expose correctly. Most of the times it takes individual effort and fine-tuning of the conversion parameters per photo to actually match the noise-free and detailed at the same time jpeg, let alone surpass it. That's why I want my jpegs as well and I end up keeping most of my photos in jpeg with minor pp like lifting a bit of shadows, auto-tone if I like it etc. Doing individual tweaks like that per photo is not easier in RAW, not do you gain anything tangible. Yes you can bring some more detail in the highlights in a high contrast scene, but only if I think this slight more detail will really benefit a photo I'll bother with RAW in low ISOs/good light. You really bring only a little bit back, it's not like you turn your RX100 into a D800 or even close to it!

In low light I will try to improve using the RAW file most of the times I've found. The high ISO shots have grain anyway so adding a little bit more, less blotchy and more "film" like, is something I'm glad to do in order to get back low contrast detail which has been smudged away (at high ISOs I repeat!). The final RAW conversion when viewed at a normal size (or print I pressume), looks sharper and more detailed.

Finally, from the little I've seen in these forums, it seems to me that there are skilled people who really do know how to squeeze that extra from RAW and I wish they could teach me how they do it and then there are even more people who think they do it right, but end up with an image which is worse than the OOC jpeg.

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