P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

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Re: P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

Nikonworks wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

The CP is giving some pop. But look at the reflections on the car surfaces. The CP is obscuring them somehow and that makes the versions with less pop look more real to my eye.

Perhaps a few shots in other conditions?


Please re-read my post. The images were shot through a window and window screen.

There is nothing to be derived from these photos except the gloss on the street surface and car surfaces, due to the wet rain, has been reduced/eliminated by my CP.

The CP does not 'Obscure' the reflections as you state.

It eliminates them, and permits the object's colors to be percieved.

Google 'Polarizer Effect' and you will find enough data to understand how it works.

In addition, please read my second post above where I state the actual colors of the scene which I percieved with my own eyes are close to the colors of the CP images.

LOL, I own several CP's, including the nice B&W 77mm for the 70-200 VRII and am looking at a kit for the Tokina 16-28mm 2.8, so I know what they do. Typically I use them on shots with a lot of sky or if I'm shooting through glass. I prefer not to use them most of the time, but expect to see more action out of the version for the UWA lens.

The point is that by eliminating those reflections you remove something real and natural that is seen by the naked eye. I like the colors with the CP, but the shots without it look more real to me.

While you state that the CP is restoring colors more true to what you saw, the color of the van looks exaggerated to me. I think I'd use a control point to tweak the van color and leave the actual reflections in place as that would more true to the scene, assuming you're trying to do that.


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