The 12-35 mm for landscape.

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Re: The 12-35 mm for landscape.

While some reviewers like Lloyd Chambers have not particularly liked the 12-35, I have found the 12-35 to be an excellent lens - perhaps sample variation. While maybe not as sharp as my 14/2.5 or 20/1.7 in the center, it seems to have better contrast and less field curvature.

What you describe is pretty much in line with expectations. You have several competing effects as you stop down the lens.

Lens imperfections - decrease as the lens is stopped down causing resolution to increase.

Field curvature - is overcome by increasing depth of field.

Diffraction - robs first contrast and then resolution. When this occurs is largely dependent upon the pixel size - the smaller the pixels the earlier diffraction effects start. I think by f/5.6 you are already losing resolution due to difraction with the OM-D/PL5/PM2 sensors.

With a good lens you would expect to have a relatively flat field and lens imperfections to be largely overcome stopped down by 1 to 2 stops. If your subject matches the field curvature, stopping down further will cause the resolution to fall through diffraction as you will be gaining little if anything through the other two effects.

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