How to apply minor PP to SOOC Jpegs and understanding its effects on image degradation ?

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Re: How to apply minor PP to SOOC Jpegs and understanding its effects on image degradation ?

Ketan Buch wrote:

I have a P&S ( Sony H70) and I mainly adjust Contrast or sometimes color saturation on SOOC jpegs ( using Microsoft Picture Manager) and find that the size of images gets reduced e.g from say 6.68 MB to say 5.7 MB or lower depending on PP. Adjusting contrast really makes the image punchier.

My question - Will such a reduced image size be very evident on comparative prints of 8x10 OR even when viewing on comupter monitor. I would also like to have some advice on PP of jpegs SOOC and better software/procedure to do such PP on jpegs.

The image size is not being reduced.. the FILE size is... which, of itself, indicates something is not right.

What is not right is that a JPEG that has not been cropped, but has been adjusted, should get marginally larger if saved at maximum QUALITY ...which is the quality you should be using by default.

If the file gets smaller instead, (fewer megabytes) it suggests that more image compression is being applied at the re-save than was employed in the original JPEG-isation performed in camera.

I would look into that if I were you. You do not want to lose quality unnecessarily, when you have just done edits to improve the shot.

Final Point: Don't save your edited JPEG over the top of the original, and so lose the out of camera file. Instead, choose "Save as.." and create a new name for the new file, even if it is just the same as before, but with the word EDIT added on the end, thus...

"original picture name/number:EDIT"

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