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BobT wrote:

For some reason, I'm kind of liking this option. Does Canon make technically different adapter lenses for their different G-series camera bodies?

But what kind of IQ should one expect from these combos? How would you rate/describe the results that you get with your G9 + both Wide and Tele adapter lenses? I must admit that I truly like the G9 because of it's natural 6X zoom. But would this be a compromise where IQ is concerned? Are all later G-series cameras noticably better in the IQ department, than is the G9?

My G11 is noticeably better in the IQ department at higher ISOs.  I've taken ISO 3200 images, shot in RAW, processed in DPP, and used Noiseware Pro to clean it up to good results.  The G9 I've done to only ISO 800 with the same outcomes.  If you can keep to no more than ISO 200, then you can get better results, but still shooting RAW and using noise correction software. Most try to keep the G9 at ISO 80, but others have been happy with Jpegs at ISO 800.

The G9 adapter for the conversion lenses is a single piece, so easier to handle and use.  The G10 through G12, and most likely also the G15 require up to three parts for the adapter system (A, B, and C parts).  See Lensmate link;


The Canon and Raynox wide and tele conversion lenses work well with the G9.  I've always been happy with the Canon lens results.  The tele lens also works well with my G11.  This outdated link at Lensmate shows the adapter and has links to wide and tele converters for the camera. Most would buy an adapter for each lens to keep them mounted for quick connection. I have three adapters for my kit, and use the third for either filters or close-up lenses.


By the time you gather all this gear, and toss in my 430EX II flash, you will need a DSLR bag to carry it all.  Not light traveling. I also use a monopod to add a little more stability for long zoom shots, in hopes of keeping the ISO lower.

The G9 also can shoot time lapse video, plus it will allow you to also record audio segments for each shot, or make notes, or record a lecture, etc.


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