Nex 5N vs Nex 5R ISO performance

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Re: Nex 5N vs Nex 5R ISO performance

For low-light sensitivity, the Sony NEX-5R achieves a score of 910 ISO, which puts it in 39thplace in the DxOMark rankings. By comparison, the camera with the most sensitive APS-C sensor in this category, the Nikon D5100, racks up a score of 1183 ISO. This is a big difference in terms of absolute values, but translates into an improvement of only 1/3EV, which is scarcely noticeable on a print.

What I find interesting though is when looking at high ISO JPEG comparison on dpreview and comparing the D5100 against NEX-5N at ISO 3200, the 5N is waayyy better in both noise and detail retention.

I wonder where the flaw lies: dpreview test methods? dxomark test methods? or Nikon has a crappy JPEG engine if it can't produce a better JPEG with a higher scoring sensor? (sorry to digress from the original post)

Here's a snap from dpreview:

This test shows significantly better image from NEX-5N at ISO 3200 then D5100 while D5100 scores better at DXOmark?

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