P7700 and NOISE!

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Re: P7700 and NOISE!

Steinhansel wrote:

I think that it's time to put this pointless discussion to bed. We've spent too much bandwidth and potential creativity on this.

Both sides have made their points.

There are those that defend the P7700 to the utter end and those that defend a particular narrow view of the effect of ISO on the quality and acceptability of everyone's photos.

I think that those questions will not be resolved as easily as the US House of Representatives vs. the President.

Strong opinions are heard, substantiated by carefully chosen graphs, charts and outside opinions.

We must learn to disregard all of those and depend on our own.

Understand your camera's limitations and deal with the reality of those limitations.

Not everyone looks for "noise" in this class of camera the same as he would look at a DSLR.

The P7700 is what it is, nothing more, nothing less, it is what it is; a wonderfully human camera with of all of the shortcomings.

Don't expect miracles, you are in the wrong place.

I appreciate and agree. However, just for sanity sake I will post the shots of a human face at the various ISO settings.

Some will think the higher ISO shots are "okay for what they are." Some may not.

It's a personal choice in the end. Thanks.


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