E-PL5 & E-PM2 users - get busy reviewing !

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From an amateur's perspective

I bought the E-PM2 approx 1 month ago based on the very early reviews and the benefits of the Sony sensor carried over from the OMD-EM5.  Here's my perspective from an amateur's point of view using auto mode 95% of the time & OOC jpgs, with a bit of a play with A and S mode to experiment/learn.

About me: My main purpose was to take pleasing shots of my 16 month toddler without the associated slow AF with a P&S, and without the bulk / weight of an SLR. Previous camera was the Canon s95.

  • Near instantaneous and accurate AF. Both recompose and touch to focus/shoot work very well. Increases my hit rate of sharp shots considerably, although this is obviously subject to light, subject etc.    
  • Indoor photos of toddler are generally difficult, but using the pana 14mm gives me very nice shots overall. Shots at ISO1600 IMHO retain a lot of detail while being relatively noise free. Moving toddler with poor light is obviously extremely tough without a dedicated flash.
  • Indoor shots of everything else aside from toddler look magnificent.
  • I shoot toddler at waist height, and while a tilt screen would have been very useful, I like the simplicity and slightly smaller weight/dimensions of the EPM2. I crouch down most of the time, but I suspect for most other people, to go with the EPL5 for this very reason.
  • The EPM2 doesn't have a mode dial, but switching to other modes is actually very quick and not as fidgety as some may think. I've been playing with shutter priority mode recently, and changing modes is very quick via touchscreen. 
  • Weight/size is perfect for me. Certainly much bigger than the s95 which is truly pocketable, but it can be carried easily enough in a small purse or pants with cargo pants. YMMV. Check out camerasize.com for a rough idea, but try in store if possible. 
  • Access to wide range of quality m43 lenses. Looking at the Oly 45mm off ebay for about $330 in the very near future.
  • Video is certainly usable, but I'm not very critical so I would suggest to take a look at the youtube videos out there to get a sense. I don't zoom and I try to pan very, very slowly. I notice some jello effects when I pan quickly, but it's not an issue in day to day use. 
  • With the 14mm for video, it still makes an audible AF noise that can be picked up by the microphone, so I've just turned off continuous autofocus. It won't be noticed if the video features other audio, but it's noticeable in generally quieter scenes. 
  • I've been playing with the free toshiba wifi sd card for the past week. It's quick to make a connection and to download a file. Surprisingly very useful. 

Bottom line: We've taken well over a thousand photos as the camera gets taken with us almost everywhere. The pictures are certainly a few notches above what we were getting with the s95 - which we were already very happy with. The camera has very fast AF, with shots that are sharp, have pleasing colours, and contrast. Value proposition is excellent as I purchased the EPM2 with kit lens for $470 (mail in rebate for free toshiba wifi sd card), and the 14mm for about $170 on ebay. For someone in a similar situation, it's a camera I would highly recommend.

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