2nd hand SB-80dx or new Nissin or Metz

Started Jan 28, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: 2nd hand SB-80dx or new Nissin or Metz

Chas P wrote:

Thanks for responding, I think I'll go for it. The Metz looks a bit flimsier. I'll do a quick test of the Nikon and see how the light looks. As far as I can see ittl is all that's missing on the SB and it's £100...

I have an SB-28DX in my kit from my days with a Nikon D1X. It's a great flash. It offers power from full power to 1/64 in 1/3 stop increments, and is pretty easy to use.

It also supports the rather old-style Auto mode, where you set the flash to a given aperture, and it uses an on-flash optical sensor to measure reflected light. That mode is really only useful when the SB-28 DX is the only flash in the picture however.

As it sounds like you realize, you will need to use all your lights in manual mode if you're using the SB-28DX as an optical slave. Otherwise it will trigger on the preflashes from the other lights.

I believe that the newer Nikon high voltage power supply will work with the SB-28DX, which is a plus. The older model certainly does.

The SB-28DX also has a built-in sync port, which can be handy.

All that being said, Metz makes good gear.

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