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Re: Advice on panorama software

Usee wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

Usee wrote:

3 DP1s shots stitched with PanoramaStudio and with less artifacts than with ICE, Hugin, or PTGui

In most Panorama pictures I see on the web...

...including those which are shown in this very forum,

I almost always see strong artifacts - try to find them within my PanoramaStudio Pro example...

...within the original in my gallery - not within the resized versions shown here - which have lot's of artifacts.



A little explanation is given in the gallery for the best output out of 8 panorama programs!

At your suggestion I downloaded Panorama Studio Pro and tried it on a pano I was having trouble rendering correctly in ICE. I do find it relatively easier to use than some of the other "professional" pano stitching programs I've tried, thought not quite as easy to use as ICE. But unfortunately it still had trouble with my pano, having as many (though different), if not more, stitching errors than ICE. And so my search for the perfect stitching program continues.

Sorry to hear that Your problem couldn't be solved as expected,

however mine was better solved with PanoramaStudio Pro than with Autopano Pro which is suggested by several people here... depends - as always.

Yeah, I've tried Autopano several times and have had much better results with ICE. But then I tend to run very large panos in the .5-1.5 gp range and they're not always perfectly level so I occasionally have problems with stitching.

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