Elinchrom & Speedlite Simultaneously

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Re: Elinchrom & Speedlite Simultaneously

Karamany wrote:

I was trying to use my Elinchrom BX 500 Ri & Canon Speedlites simultaneously using:

(1) Elinchrom EL-Skyport wireless trigger to trigger the Elinchrom lights

(2) Pocketwizard Flex TT5 to trigger the Canon Speedlite 600RX

To do so, the TT5 was placed over Canon 60D and the EL-Skyport over the TT5. unfortunately, I could not succeed to make the Elinchrom work.

Contacting the pocketwizard support, had been informed that sometimes it can work, sometimes it is not & I can try to use sync cable.

Is there is anyone here, succeeded to make this configuration to work without using a cable?


I have older Elinchrom Style 300s monolights, and older Pocket Wizard II radio triggers. I've used them in combination with my Nikon speedlights, set to optical slave mode ("SU-4 mode", in Nikon terminology.) I've also mounted flashes that did not have a built-in optical slave option on cheap optical slave shoe mounts. All combos have worked flawlessly, unless I was in direct sunlight that swamped the optical slave function, or the optical slaves couldn't "see" the flash from the studio flashes.

I also have 2 Elinchrom flashes and an older Prolinka, and only one PW receiver, so I set all my lights but one to optical slave mode. (PWs are really expensive, and I couldn't justify buying more than one pair, given that I don't do this for a living. One pair was extravagant enough.)

I don't know about the Flex TT5 and the Canon Speedlight 600RX. Does that combo support TTL? In general, you need to set everything to manual mode in order to mix studio lights and hotshoe flashes.

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