Ebay Trouble - Value of a lens?

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Re: Ebay Trouble - Value of a lens?

Bit if a situation.

Would definitely contact the seller with your evidence (send him photo) and ask him for a solution. Some sellers will be responsive and help. Try not to get caught in delay-tactics by the seller.

If you paid via Paypal, you do have the option to raise a dispute after having tried to resolve with the seller. Read their rules, as if you deviate, PayPal could decline your claim. This should be the last resort and will take months...

BTW, what was the sellers rating xx.x%, how many deals has he done, and does he normally deal in photo equip?

I only buy from seller with +99.7% rating, over 100 deals and a history in the prod I am buying.

I also read their positive and negative feedbacks to judge before I buy

Good luck.

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