Monitors, how good is good enough, and what's your pick?

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Re: Monitors, how good is good enough, and what's your pick?

I have a U2410 and a Spyder3, the Spyder3 never did a good calibration, but the i1DisplayPro + Argyll+dispcalGUI did!

The U2410 is using the Adobe RGB mode + the trick to change its RGB settings by using the hidden factory menu . (warning before changing the default values, take a photo or write down the original values)

Here my profile + all the config files for dispcalGUI

Unpack all files into a directory, can use the monitor profile i1-adobe.icm or load the into dispcalGUI by going to menu>Options>Install display device profile

My U2410 settings are:

Preset Mode = Adobe RGB + Factory Menu trick = R255 G226 B215



Color Settings>Gamma=PC

The dispcalGUI config is like this (Menu>Options> enable "Show advance options")

1-Try my profile

2-Buy a i1Display Pro (not the Munki as it can not calibrate the internal LUT of NEC/Eizo/Quato/Del u2413,u2713H,U3014)

3- If still not satisfied with U2410, get a U2713H or a NEC PA , Eizo SX/CG or a Quato

How to choose a monitor.

Good info about soft proofing and etc...

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