Comparing Fish-Eyes : Rokinon 7.5mm vs Zuiko 8mm (FOV and look)

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Re: Comparing Fish-Eyes : Rokinon 7.5mm vs Zuiko 8mm (FOV and look)

Anders W wrote:

assaft wrote:

Thanks for this great thread.

I wanted the Samyang for a long time but always found some more conventional lens to spend the money on. The examples here (and in related threads) on fisheye lenses, and the explanations given on de-fishing with references to some tools, made me interested again. It looks like a new field to experiment.

One thing I didn't understand (have to admit I didn't read all posts in these threads) is why there's a difference in the field of view between the Oly and Samyang, given that both lenses are advertized as 180 degrees.

As Roel points out later in his OP, there isn't really a whole lot. The difference between the first two shots is primarily due to the fact that the Oly lens is physically bigger/longer and has a longer flange distance and that the camera is therefore slightly closer to the subject although the position of the body is unchanged. Once that is corrected, there is hardly any difference left, and what there is can perhaps be explained by small differences between the exact projections used.

I see. thanks a lot!

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