What is mFT FoV?

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Re: Bendiness of some lenses

Guy Parsons wrote:

Here's the thumbnails in FastStone Viewer of 5 lenses at widest setting.

All startlingly bendy uncorrected and look the same in Picasa so it seems to be the truth for those lenses. But what the hey, the appropriate in-camera magic or RAW converter cleans them up usefully and who knows what the real coverage is with regard to stated focal length. It really does gets back to my "how long is a piece of string?" thoughts.

Regards..... Guy

Interesting. I would be curious if both FastStone and Picasa use the same profile data and/or conversion libraries (source code).

At any rate, if I can get to it soon, I'll try and put together samples from the Olympus and manual lenses I have to try and show what I'm not seeing (the key is really with the manual lenses since they do not automatically load lens data.)

Another way of putting it might be, if a chain is three rods long, how long is a link?

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