Breaking the rule of thirds?

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Re: Breaking the rule of thirds?

cnw180 wrote:

Some very interesting comments here and i've learned a lot reading them. I like to think of the rules as more guidelines. If I feel a shot is right I take it, kind of a gut feeling I guess. Sounds silly? I also agree that a crop, such as below makes the picture a little more dramatic...

In fact I think cropping a little more might work, not so sure on keeping the dark rocks and less sky though, will have to play around with that tomorrow, its a bit late here in the UK!

Keep the comments coming, this is turning into a good discussion with even some history on the rule of thirds thrown in!

I like this one, but it has a very different feeling to it.  I wonder if you should crop this pic several different ways , then explain how you felt about each cropped picture, and what you liked the most.

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