Shooting low light indoors?

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Stuntflyer wrote:

summerdream wrote:

Nice, you got some lovely shots. Did you use just available light or bounce flash for these? It seems you push ISO pretty high (up to 2000), but your D5100 handled well and images were clean.

When I arrived, there was not enough available light to meter faster than an 80th± unless I pushed the ISO to 3200+ when using f/2.8-f/5. The kids were always moving so I needed faster SS. Also, I didn't want to chance having to deal with huge amounts of noise reduction in post.

It seemed that the only way to get faster SS and lower ISO was to use bounce flash. I set the camera up for -0.7 flash compensation. I used -2 stops of exposure compensation to lower ISO between 1250 and 2000.

After a moderate amount noise reduction(50±)in Camera Raw along with a small amount of sharpening(25,.5-.7,0,35) I did a second pass of sharpening in Photoshop using High Pass(3-5, overlay, amount 100%). After saving to JPG format I cropped and set the resolution to 100 for screen viewing. I did another High Pass sharpening(.3-.5, linear light, amount 50%). This gave the results that you see.

This is the first time I used a flash since I am new to photography. I don't know if it is possible, considering what I had for available light, to have used a bounce flash with an even lower ISO setting, say around 200± and still maintained 125th+ SS.

Certainly you can shoot at ISO 200 or even 100 in a small room like this. The flash just needs to work harder. SB-800 is a very powerful flash.

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