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Re: Get a NX200 Bob

BobT wrote:

AdamT and others....

I like to trade gear rather than buying and selling. So this was a trade deal involving trading my SX50 for the NX100. I'm thinking that you and others feel that this might not be a real good trade on my end. So, I think I'll pass on the NX100 (and 20-50mm lens).

Thanks for the comments. That's why I posted here.

I think you made a wise decision to pass on the NX100. I have a G9, G11, and NX100 (about 18 months now). I like the NX100 for what it offers in an APS-C sensor, but wish it did a better job with Jpegs at all ISOs. You MUST shoot and process RAW images to get the best results, but generally Jpegs up to ISO 800 are okay. I bought it for $300 with the 20-50 lens, but it is a slow lens for me. I've also purchased the 50-200mm zoom, 30mm/f2.0, and 16mm/f2.4 lenses. All of the lenses are good, but I mostly use it with the 16mm and 30mm lenses. I also have the small SEF-20A flash, which allows you to bounce it, and it's quite small and convenient to carry. However, all this gear is a pain to carry with me, thus the limit to the two pancake lenses.

I'm also 70, and want to travel lighter. Your SX50 is probably the best all in one package. You might want to get an external flash for it such as the 270EX, which will extend your light reach as well as bounce, but no swivel. I use a 430EX II with my G9 and G11, but it's rather large to carry around. It can bounce and swivel the head. All powershots will produce better results with better lighting, so an external flash will help. The NX100 also benefits from a small flash.


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