Monitors, how good is good enough, and what's your pick?

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Re: Monitors, how good is good enough, and what's your pick?

xjf123richard wrote:

I know I could bring this up for a hundred times and get different answers each time. Deep in my heart I just want to know if there are other good options on the market that I'm not aware of.

So let's keep it simple. Assuming money is not a limit but we all want to save as much as possible for other gears. So we'll get the cheapest one that is good enough for us.

I currently own a Dell U2410, around 500 price range. It's not good enough for me. The red tint is hard to get rid of even with Spyder 3's help. Colors tend to be "darkened" and the dark places in the picture has limited details.


This red tint.... when you bring up an all white or light gray screen, is it just on the left side of the monitor?  s there a hint of green on the right?

Are you familiar with the issues of viewing sRGB embedded images on a wide gamut monitor using software that is NOT color managed? (you get over saturate colors and red, in particular, stands out)

or vice versa, what happens when you view a wide gamut embedded image on a standard sRGB gamut monitor using software that is NOT color managed? (you get a dark desaturated image)


I love MAC displays, but they are just too much expansive for a little improvement. If I want something at that price range, I'd expect something better.

So, what's your pick and is it good enough for you?

Appreciate your input.


If you have not heard, the Dell U2410 is End of Life and will be replaced by a new model, the U2413, within a month of two.

There are some big changes happening right now with the IPS panels and the LED back lights so it may be best not to rush into a decision and wait a few months.

The new Dell U2713H, a wide gamut version of the new standard sRGB gamut U2713HM, is an example of what we should see more of.

Otherwise, in North America, your primary brands of upscale monitor are going to be from NEC or EIZO.  Samsung has an interesting S-PLS LCD panel technology, very similar to IPS, but they have yet to match it with a wide gamut back light.


Have you been following these two review sites?


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