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So What Does a Dealer Pay for a $1000.00 Camera Kit, Not $650.00.

The markup in the US for camera bodies and kits from Canon/Nikon/Pentax is 8-10% when sold at the 'Recommended Retail Price'! OK, the dealer will get a 2 -3% discount if they pay their bill on time, usually 45-75 days after purchase and there may be some ad money available. Lenses and flash units get a markup of 15-20%, they make their profit selling filters, gadget bags, tripods, extended warranty and other stuff. So a camera kit selling at $549.95 invoiced at $499.95 and that $999.95 camera invoiced at $899.95 to $919.95. A $4999.95 Nikon Body invoiced at $4599.95, a big $400.00 profit to pay for the store, utilities and employees. Not a lot of room to eat a return that now must be sold as an open box at 20% off.

SPIFFS or SPIFS; Sales Person Incentive Funds; Some camera distributors pay a SPIFF (commission, kickback) on their most competitive products to encourage the salesperson to show/push their product. Depending on the store, it may go to the salesperson or owner. So if you ask to see a Canon and the salesperson also shows you a different model or brand, he/she may be getting a SPIFF on that other product and that SPIFF could range from $5.00 to $30.00 or more.

The camera companies sales reps for C, N, P, are employees (not independent reps) and get .600% to 2.500% and likely out to 1/1000 of a %, like 1.583% of what he sells to his dealers, plus base pay, benefits, expense account and bonus or sales contest money. 1.583% of sales for the rep may not sound like much, but each rep sells millions of dollars each year.

Used equipment at dealers is very, very, profitable for them.

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