weird cropping issue with d600 raw images

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Re: weird cropping issue with d600 raw images

TedgFoto wrote:

Was out shooting yesterday and noticed something really odd. Had my scene framed, and was taking shots of the foreground in focus and the background in focus to stack later. Come to find out that for whatever reason, the images i took with the foreground in focus were cropped vertically from 6,016 x 4,016 to 6,016 x 3,900.


I always shoot raw, so it wasn't in camera processing. I didn't notice until when I was looking back at the images later.

I was shooting bracketed shots, and all 3 of that bracketed set were cropped, and the 3 of the following set were normal. The only thing that changed was the focus point.

Anyone experienced this?

did you accidentally set the camera to DX cropping mode perhaps ?

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