how many $$$ have legacy lenses saved for you? and aren't they fun?

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Re: First test shots.....

tedolf wrote:

mgibbs wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Dave Sanders wrote:

So, how many $$$ have you saved by using legacy glass, and please post pics too!

...there is no chance that I will SAVE money with legacy glass. Buying an OM-D will undoubtedly cost me MORE money on legacy glass. I previously had a big enough problem with trolling ebay and local camera shops for interesting MF with an OM-D? It's a serious problem. Being a Nikon DSLR shooter, I already had some great MF and AF-D glass perfect for use with an adapter. But once I was on ebay buying an adapter...well, the seller had adapters for Minolta MD and love the look of the old Rokkors...oh, and K-mount too! I still have a nice Takumar 50mm that I use on my K1000...and look, Contax C/Y! I used to love my Contax 135/2.8...and...and...I had to talk myself down from the ledge.

You are making me salivate!

I haven't bought a lens in almost six months!

(the Fujian35mm f/1.7 I just got in the mail doesn't count, does it?)

always wondered about that lens - post some pics from it when you get a chance, won't you?

First test shots:

But I have some problems with it.

The lens doesn't fully seat in my adapters so I do not have full infinity focus.

The aperture got stuck and I have to send it back!


hmmm.....sharper than i would've expected.

bummer it has to go back - hope you get free return shipping!

i had a cosmicar 12mm f1.4(ish?), which i had to hand-file (i.e. Dremel) to get it to seat in the c mount adapter to focus.  and, of course, i went to far and went beyond infinity focus.  i lacked the patience to check my work frequently enough to stop whittling away right at that "sweet spot".  made me appreciated skilled machinists....

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