EOS-M + G1X = a great camera 'combo' on the beach... (PICS)

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Re: Linear polarizer

Fortunately the G1 X uses Contrast Detect as its sole method of achieving autofocus. The EOS-M may not be able to focus as quickly thanks to a circular polarizer rendering its PD AF sensors useless (depending on the orientation of the polarizer itself, mind you), but it is a hybrid system so it would still function perfectly well in bright outdoor shots using CD AF alone. One could just as easily utilize Liveview with a DSLR to take advantage of its CD AF system if a linear poloarizer was necessary. I know with the 10-22 a circular polarizer creates uneven sky colors more often than not.

As it stands, the discussion I responded to concerned itself with the G1 X and that's all I was referring to.

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